Friday, May 22, 2020

Ahoy! Eurovision 2020

Roll Up Your Sleeves Rotterdam, Eurovision 20/20 is off!

Eurovision set sail for Rotterdam 2020, but it wasn't meant to be.
Of course we're all disappointed but it's obvious we have more important matters on our hands now.

Thanks to all the artists and broadcasters who have put so much work in their entries and to the organisation in Rotterdam.
Every country still has their page here and if there's any news I'll keep updating.
Please be safe, take care of your loved ones and hopefully we'll meet in Rotterdam 2021.

Iceland - Listen to the Söngs, Who's your Daði? Hot Chip remixes, Charts in Ireland! and U.K.! and Sweden! Hit Of The Year?
Estonia - Listen to the Eesti Laul songs, Uku Suviste about Love, check out (live) Estonian version
Greece - Superg!rl Stefania to Eurovision, Eurovision rem!x out now.
Croatia - Damir Kedžo won Dora 2020, CD out now, Eurovision version released, Remix Out Now!
Poland - Alicja's Empires out now, versions updated
.Let's get physical - This years CD and vinyl releases, Official 2CD OUT NOW!
Norway - Celebrating 60 years of Eurovision with Ulrikke, Acoustic single version, Klaas mixed Attention
Belgium -  The 'phonics won't hoover up the points with Release Me but give us fab remixes
France - Tom Leeb reveals on February 16, Leak drama, New version Mon Alliee out now, Full English album version
Slovenia - Play us a SLO-song An(n)a, we have the studio version! release out now. Seven versions of Voda Out Now, incl English.
Lithuania - The Roop, The Roop, The Roop is on fire! Twice! LP in November
Serbia - Listen to the Serbian 2020 songs, Hurricane takes Beovizija by storm, versions update updated. English version
Malta - Destiny's destination: Rotterdam, Song, Finally released.
Netherlands,The - Jeangu Macrooy representing Grow on March 4.
Two live versions out now.
Israel - Eden wins ticket to Rotterdam, listen to her 4 songs, out now! Feker Libi! Sort of New Version and composer version, Remix
Germany - Ben Dolic to Rotterdam, Stage version out now
Latvia - Supernova finalists, Samanta finally win, Remix out now
Cyprus - Listen to Sandro Running, Acoustic version out now
Romania - Roxen to Rotterdam, five songs listen now, Alcohol You, new version, Alcohol You in the mix
Albania - Arilena Ara screaming her way to Rotterdam, Skyfall, listen now. Shaj finally released too
Czech Republic - Benny Cristo to Rotterdam, new version and new new version
Ireland - Lesley Roy's story released
Armenia - Listen to the songs, Athena unchained, new version
Russia - Little Big Band, Uno
Azerbaijan - Samira Efendi sings Cleopatrrra
Absent Friends - But you're not even in the competition, update....
Ukraine _ Go_Ahead Nightingale, New version already Соловей
San Marino - Senhit's back with a Battle, voting over, Freaky! wins
North Macedonia - Vasil Garvanliev has a title and a song ....
Portugal - Festival da Canção 2020 CD out now, Elisa wins
Denmark - Listen to all DMGP songs, Yes!, Acoustic version released too
Sweden: Melodifestivalen CD out now, Mama's move forwards
Finland - Songs. Aksel Looking forward to Rotterdam
Bulgaria - Victoria's Tears, listen now
Austria - Alive - Vincent Bueno, Listen now
Switzerland - Gjon's Tears
Georgia - Tornike Kipiani, Georgian Pop Idol, Take Him As He Is. Song now

Moldova - Songs to listen to, Natalia Gordienko, returning artist
Belarus - Some songs, VAL wins, acoustic version out now
United Kingdom - James Newman's Last Breath
Italy - Sanreno 2CD and other releases, Diodato wins, LP/CD, now with Sanremo artists full LP/CD release info, updated
Australia - Decided, Montaigne wins
Spain - Blas Cantó, where have we seen him before? Listen to Universo now!

As per usual, you'll find all official releases (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.
And also as usual, I can’t do it without you, so if you have any updates, corrections or other must knows, drop a comment or leave a message at our Facebook page. Thanks in advance.

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The vinyl single from the 2019 winner

Iceland - Think About Things - Daði & Gagnamagnið

Single image April 9
Daði & Gagnamagnið are the winners of Söngvakeppnin 2020 and were to take their Think About Things to Rotterdam. The song in both its versions (see below) is written by Daði Freyr Pétursson himself.

Here's the official video
This RÚV page has video's, lyrics and other info.

Daði Freyr get's his Eurovision ticket on his second attempt. in 2017 he entered with Hvað með það? (Is this love?). He ended 2nd behind Svala's Paper but he was a good sport and made a remix for her. This was released as a digital track.

Hot Chip remix
On May 14 two remixes by Hot Chip were released.

Hot Chip, Daði style
Think About Things - English
- as performed in the final of Söngvakeppnin 2020, Official 2CD
Think About Things - Hot Chip remix
Think About Things - Hot Chip remix edit
- digital releases
Gagnamagnið - Icelandic
- as performed in the semi of Söngvakeppnin 2020
Think About Things - English karaoke
Gagnamagnið - Icelandic karaoke
- All versions except remixes were released on the digital Söngvakeppnin 2020 album, The English version was released as a stand alone digital single on April 5.

Ireland top 100 (Irma Irish Charts): (March 15): 94, - (May 15 re-entry):33, 4, 3, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9
U.K. (Official charts top 100): 43, 34, 34, 35, 37, 36, 37
Scottish top 100 (Official charts company): (March 6) 66, -, 91, - (May 22 re): 10, 14, 18, 28, 33, 29, 30
Sweden (Toplistan top 100): 33, 43, 41, 43, 58, 78, 64

Söngvakeppnin 2020
The Icelandic final was on February 29 with two semi's on 8 and 15 February.
Iceland's Broadcaster uploaded all songs for the Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2020.
You can listen to all the songs in Icelandic here and  6 of them in English here. (Youtubes)
There was one other familair face in the Icelandic competition, Matti Matt (Mathias Mathiasson) was one of Sjonni's Friends in 2011.

All songs and their karaoke versions are also available on your favorite streaming devices.
The Söngvakeppnin 2020 album even made it to the Dutch Compilation charts top 30 (#23, 5, 5, 11, 15, 13, 17, 21, -, re: 22, 10, 4, 12, 17, 25, -), don't think that ever happened before, anywhere (except Iceland obviously).

Ryan O'Shaugnessy released his acoustic quarantine version through your digital stores.
Another one is by Andy Hughes.

Links and sources
RÚV Söngvakeppnin pages and FB
Daði Freyr WebsiteFB
Picture from Daði Freyr's Facebook page

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Estonia - What Love Is - Uku Suviste

Uku Suviste is the winner of Eesti Laul 2020. His song What Love Is is written by Uku himself with Sharon Vaughn.
Uku will get a ticket to the next Eesti Laul selection

The song was released as a digital single on December 3.
A karaoke version was released on March 3.
Here's the official video

Uku performed a version in Estonian on daytime TV show  Ringvaade.
Here's the video with interview, The Estonian version starts at 7:58. Well worth recording and releasing....

Songwriter Sharon Vaughn also co-wrote this years Greek entry and the Russian entry from last year.
She also has her name on Waterline by Jedward.
She's an American born songwriter, now residing in Sweden who has been active since the early 70's.
Many of the Country music greats have songs by her in their discography but also popstars like Boyzone, September, Delta Goodrem, Alcazar and many more.

Estonia's Eesti Laul final was on February 29 with two semi's on 13 and 15 February.
You can listen to all the songs (24) on the Eurolaul pages (scroll a bit, player on the right)
Among the contestants was Laura who we know from Suntribe (2005) and Verona with Koit Toome. (2017).

What Love Is - original single version
What Love Is - karaoke
- digital releases
- karaoke also on the official karaoke album (digital)

Links and sources
ERR Eurolaul pages
Uku Suviste WebsiteFB

Greece - Superg!rl - Stefania

Digital release image from Stefania's Facebook
Stefania Liberakakis (Στεφανία Λυμπερακάκη) was chosen to sing for Greece in Rotterdam.
Her song, Superg!rl, is written by Dimitris Kontopoulis, Arcade and Sharon Vaughn.
(Arcade are Pavlos Manolis, Anastasios Rammos, Diverno and Gabriel Russell)
She will represent Greece in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

The song was released on March 1. Here's the official video.
The so called Eurovision Remix was released on May 18. Here's a video.

Stefania was a member of the group Kisses who sang Kisses And Dancin' at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest representing the Netherlands and finishing 8th.

Songwriter Dimitris Kontopoulos wrote 12 Eurovision entries including this year's Moldovan entry.
You can find the full list in the Moldova 2020 section.
Sharon Vaughn also wrote a few, details are at the Estonia 2020 section (she co-wrote that one too)

- Official 2CD
Superg!rl - Eurovision remix
- digital release
Superg!rl - karaoke
- digital releases, karaoke first at Apple only 
- karaoke also on the official karaoke album (digital)

Links and sources
Picture from Stefania's Facebook
Stefania FB (Dutch)
Thanks to Krzysztof

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Croatia - Divlji Vjetre - Damir Kedžo

New version image March 16

Damir Kedžo won the Croatian selection Dora 2020 with the song Divlji Vjetre (Wild winds). The song is written by Ante Pecotić. 
The Croatian selection was on February 29.

Here's a live video (HRT Youtube)

The first version of Divlji Vjetre was released on the DORA 2020 CD (Croatia records CD 6091751) and limited digital sources (Apple music)
Full tracklist below. A new version, Eurovision Edit, was released on March 16. Available in all digital stores.
The remix was released on March 18, also through the usual digital sources.
Remix video is here (from 19:00 on May 18)

Remix DRI

Divlji Vjetre - Eurovision edit
- Official 2CD
Divlji Vjetre - Dora edit
- Dora 2020 CD (& some digital sources)
Divlju Vjetre - Remix
- digital release March 18
Divlji Vjetre - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital)

DORA 2020 CD
1. Damir Kedžo - Divlji Vjetre                    
2. Lorena Bućan - Drowning            
3. Jure Brkljača - Hajde Nazovi Me            
4. Bojan Jambrošić - Više Od Riječi            
5. Mia Negovetić - When It Comes To You            
6. Colonia - Zidina                
7. Marin Jurić - Čivro - Naivno                   
8. Lorenzo Dino Purić Reper Iz Sobe - Vrati Se Iz Irske
9. Alen Vitasović Božidarka & Matija Čerina - Da Se Ne Zatare
10. Elis Lovrić - Jušto                      
11. Edi - Coming Home                   
12. Indira - You Will Never Break My Heart
13. Đana - One                      
14. Aklea Neon - Zovi Ju Mama                  
15. Nikola Marjanović - Let's Forgive
16. Zdenka Kovačiček - Love, Love, Love 

Picture from Damir's Facebook

Links and sources
Damir Kedžo FB, new Website

Italy - Fai rumore - Diodato

Fai Rumore single Digital Release Image

Fai Rumore (Make (a) noise) by Diodato is the winner of the Sanremo 2020 contest and was to be the Eurovision song for Rotterdam (confirmed).
The song is written by (Antonio) Diodato himself with Edwyn Roberts.
Here's the official video clip.

Diodato's album Che Vita Meravigliosa
Fai Rumore is out on the album Che Vita Meravigliosa (Wonderful life) on February 14. The album is released on CD and LP. (Carosello records)
The digital single track was released on February 6.
And the song is also included on the Sanremo 2020 2CD (see below)
The song is too long for Eurovision but an edit wasn't made after the cancellation of the contest.

Fai Rumore is Antonio Diodato's 3rd Sanremo appearance.
In 2014 he ended 2nd in the Newcomers section (Sezione Nuove Proposte) with the self penned song Babilonia.
In 2018 he performed Adesso with trumpeter Roy Paci which finished 8th. Adesso was released as a vinyl 7" single. (All vinyl details of 2018 can be found here at the Lisbon Collection)
In 2014 Diodato released a coverversion of the 1959 Eurovision classic Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) originally by Domenico Modugno. Taken from the Diodato album A Ritrovar Bellezza.

Che Vita Meravigliosa is Diodato's 4th album.
- E Forze Sono Pazzo (La Narcisse 2013, CD) the 2014 re-issue includes Babilonia.
- A Ritrovar Bellezza (RCA 2014, CD)
- Cosa Siamo Diventati (Carosello 2017, CD)
- Che Vita Meravigliosa (Carosello 2020, CD, LP)

Fai Rumore - original version
- LP/CD Que Vita Meravigliosa, CD Sanremo 2020 La Compilation, Official 2CD
Fai Rumore - karaoke (full length)
- on the official karaoke album (digital)
No Eurovision edit was made, the official CD has the full original version

Italy top 100 (FIMI): 41, 1, 1, 3, 5, 7, 7, 9, 15, 17, 19, 21, 28, 30, 45, 29, 52, 69, 76, 98, 100
Switzerland top 100: 36, -
Suisse Romande top 20: 10, -

70th Sanremo
The Italian Sanremo contest celebrated its 70th edition this year. It starts on the 4th of February and has the final on the 8th. And then we should know the Italian Eurovision entry.

The 2CD Sanremo 2020 - La Compilation is out on February 7.
It includes all 24 Big songs plus the 8 songs from the newcomers section (Nuove proposte).
Full tracklist with all album release info below.
The album entered the Italian and Swiss album charts at #1 but only stayed there for one week.

Another edition available with the TV magazine Sorrisi e Canzoni is also a 2CD but it has only 29 tracks. It misses the winner Fai Rumore and the tracks by Michele Zarrillo and Le Vibrazioni

Italy's returning boy Raphael Gualazzi had another try (and ended 11th) and so did Francesco Gabbani who ended 2nd. and got us a vinyl single

Vinile and more
Many of the artists have new albums out next week or re-issue older records with the Sanremo song added. Lots of stuff on vinyl LP too.  All details are in the tracklist below

So far I have spotted three vinyl singles from this years Sanremo.
Francesco Gabbani - Viceversa (Clear vinyl)
Rita Pavone - Niente (Reslienza 74)
Rancore - Eden

The 70th Sanremo has a Stamp
Links and sources
Diodato WebsiteFB
Sanremo FB and RAI pages
Diodato at Eurocovers

Sanremo 2020 La Compilation 2CD
(with album info, all out now unless otherwise noted)
Last Update: May 15-2020
01. Elodie – Andromeda
- on CD This is Elodie (Universal)
02. Elettra Lamborghini – Musica (E Il Resto Scompare)
- on CD Twerking queen (El resto es nada), re-issue (Universal)
- digital also has a Spanish version, not sure if it's on the CD.
03. Alberto Urso – Il Sole Ad Est
- on CD Il sole ad est (Sanremo edition) (Universal)
04. Giordana Angi – Come Mia Madre
- on CD Voglio essere tua (Sanremo edition re-issue) (Universal)
05. Rancore – Eden
- vinyl 7" single (Universal)
06. Achille Lauro – Me ne frego
07. Anastasio – Rosso di rabbia
- on CD Atto zero (RCA)
08. Pinguini Tattici Nucleari – Ringo Starr
- on LP/CD Fuori dall'hype Ringo Starr (re-issue of Fuori dall'hype) (RCA)
09. Francesco Gabbani – Viceversa
- vinyl 7" single & CD Viceversa, also as deluxe edition (BMG)
- 7"single has instrumental on the b-side
10. Irene Grandi – Finalmente io
- on CD Grandissimo (Sanremo edition re-issue) (Cose da Grandi)
11. Levante – Tikibombom
- on 2CD Magmamemoria MMXX (Parlophone)
12. Diodato – Fai rumore
- on CD Che vita marivigliosa (Carosello)
13. Marco Masini – Il confronto
- on CD, 2LP and deluxe CD Masini + 1 30th Anniversary (Legacy)
14. Piero Pelù – Gigante
- on CD Pugili fragili (Legacy)
15. Riki – Lo sappiamo entrambi
- album Perdo le parole e mania (No release date yet)
16. Bugo & Morgan – Sincero
- Bugo CD Cristian Bugatti (Tetoyoshi Music)

01. Michele Zarrillo – Nell’estasi o nel fango
02. Enrico Nigiotti – Baciami adesso
- on CD Nigio (Columbia)
03. Le Vibrazioni – Dov’è
04. Paolo Jannacci – Voglio parlarti adesso
- on CD Canterò (Sanremo edition re-issue) (Ala Bianca)
05. Raphael Gualazzi – Carioca
- on LP/CD Ho un piano (Sugar)
06. Rita Pavone – Niente (Resilienza 74)
- on 7" vinyl single  has instrumental on b-side (BMG)
- also on 2CD/2LP raRità! (BMG, May 15 release)
07. Tosca – Ho amato tutto
- on CD Morabeza (re-issue edition) (Leave music)
08. Junior Cally – No grazie
- on CD Ricercato? No grazie (Sony)
09. Leo Gassmann – Vai bene così*
- on CD Strike (Universal)
10. Eugenio in Via di Gioia – Tsunami
- on CD Tsunami (Universal)
11. Fadi – Due noi
- album Fadi digital only (so far)
12. Fasma – Per sentirmi vivo
- on CD Io sono Fasma (Sony)
13. Marco Sentieri – Billy blu
14. Tecla – 8 marzo
- album planned on Rusty records, no release date yet
15. Matteo Faustini – Nel bene e nel male
- CD Figli delle favole (Museo dei Sognatori) also has unplugged version
16. Gabriella Martinelli & Lula – Il gigante d’acciaio
* Leo Gassmann won the newcomers contest (Nuove Proposte)

The 29 track edition has no Diodato

Friday, May 15, 2020

Poland - Empires - Alicja Szemplińska

Empires by Alicja Szemplińska was the Polish entry for 2020. Alicja just got her breath back after winning The Voice Poland in November.
Empires is written by Patryk Kumór, Dominic Buczkowski-Wojtaszek, Laurell Barker and Frazer Mac.
Here's a live performance and the official video.

The song was released as a digital single on February 23, the day of the National Final.
The official video was revealed on March 10.
The video version is different from the single version with a completely different ending, just like performed in the Polish NF. (see comments, Thanks Krzysztof)
It's the single version that ended up on the official 2CD, but the karaoke album has the NF/Videoclip arrangement.

Szansa Na Sukces
Poland selected their entry through Szansa Na Sukces, a multi week contest weeding out the lesser vocalists through the medium of coverversions.
Three singers remained and they performed Eurovision winners and potential 2020 Eurovision entries.

The three songs were:
Albert Černý z Lake Malawi - Lucy
Alicja Szemplińska - Empires
Kasia Dereń - Count on me (The Polish version is titled Ufaj mi)
The winning song is the only one that was not released before the final.

Empires - single version
- on the official 2CD
Empires - karaoke (of the video version)
- on the official karaoke album (digital)
Empires - video version
- video

A Ukrainian (cover) version of Empires by Vasya Boykova was released on April 24.

Alicja's single Prawie My from The Voice of Poland
Links and sources
Alicja Szemplińska FB

Let's get physical

In the words of the great 20th century philosopher and Eurovision star Olivia Newton John:
Let's get physical.

Here's a quick run-down of this years physical releases, CDs, LP's, 7"vinyls and cdsingles.
Only the ones available in the shops or via websites are here, promo stuff is in each country's section.
Here's The Frontpage with links to all 2020 pages/entries/versions

The Official ones (UPDATED)
The 2CD with all entries was expected to drop on April 17, but in the end it was released on May 15.
The album is now titled EUROVISION A tribute to the artists and songs 2020.
The digital version was released on the same day (buy not stream) and so were the karaoke versions (digital buy & stream).
(Universal 0874961)
The final version

The CD will also be available in the shops (provided they will re-open) / digital stores.
Obviously there will be no DVD release.

The original artwork

Italy - Sanremo 2020 - La Compilation, the 2CD has all entries of the Italian festival including the 8 songs from the youngsters competition. A second edition (with a magazine) misses out on three tracks (one of them the winner, so who would want this...)
Sweden - Although the Melodifestivalen really needs a good kick in the backside, I'm still pleased the 2CD is out now.
Portugal - The 16 songs of the Festival da Canção are released on one CD. Out now.
Hungary is not coming to Rotterdam but there's still an A Dal 2020 2CD,

Artists albums
Diodato has his album Che Vita Meravigliosa out on LP and CD. It includes the original version of Fai Rumore.
The Roop (Lithuania) will release their new album in November, also on LP.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Norway - Attention - Ulrikke Brandstorp

Digital release image
Attention by Ulrikke Brandstorp is the winner of anniversary Melodi Grand Prix and was the entry intended for the Rotterdam contest.
The song is written by Christian Ingebrigtsen, Kjetil Mørland and Ulrikke Brandstorp.
The digital single was released on January 31.
An Acoustic live performance version was released as a digital single on February 7.
The Klaas remix was released on May 15 (digital, along with the original again)

Watch and listen: MGP winner performance, Acoustic performance

Remix May 15
Attention - single version
- Official 2CD
Attention - Acoustic live performance
- digital release
Attention - Klaas Remix
- digital release
Attention - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital)

Norway VG Lista top 40: 7, 3, 10, 13, 22, 31, 37, -

Acoustic single DRI
Norway is celebrating. 60 years ago Nora Brockstedt was the first to sing for the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in London. Her uplifting Norwegian classic Voi Voi ended 4th.
For the joyous occasion this years preselection Melodi Grand Prix had five pre-rounds with a final on February 15.
Five songs by invited artists were already selected for the final and each pre-round delivered another finalist
All participating songs were released before each round (Plus 1 sure finalist)
You can listen to the songs at the NRK MGP pages or if you search for MGP 2020 on Spotify you'll find a playlist with the same songs. (or see below player)

Didrik Solli-Tangen was one of the artists straight to the final. He entered for Norway in 2010. This time he took his brother Emil with him.

From Eurocovers
Links and sources
NRK MGP pages
Ulrikke FB, Website (new)

France - The Best In Me - Tom Leeb

Tom Leeb was to represent France in the Rotterdam Eurovision Song Contest.
His song The Best In Me is sung in French and English.
The song is composed by Peter Boström en Tomas G:son with lyrics by Tom Leeb, Amir Haddad, John Lundvik and Léa Ivanne.
The new version image April 3
Album re-issue May 15, digital
iTunes/Applemusic New Zealand released the song on the right date, but forgot about the planned reveal and the time difference, oh well....

A new version titled Mon Alliée (The best in me) was recorded for the contest, this one was released on April 3.
On May 15 Leeb's album Recollection was re-released with a new version of The Best In Me (fully in English) and the ESC version included. No news of a physical release though....

His style can be describes as Singer-Songwriter with a hint of Americana.
Tom Leeb is a comedian, actor and singer who has released two albums to date.
- Tom Leeb (mini album from 2018)
- Recollection (September 2019)
So far all his released songs have been in English. Both albums have been released on CD as well as digital.

Mon Alliée (The best in me) - Eurovision version
- official 2CD
The Best In Me - single version
- first digital release
The Best In Me - album version in English
- digital album Recollection (re-issue)
Mon Alliée (The best in me) - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital)

Ifop French top 200: 37, 188, -

Links and sources
Tom Leeb Website, FB

Belgium - Release Me - Hooverphonic

Digital Release Image
Belgium was the first country to announce their artist for the Rotterdam contest. It's Hooverphonic, the critically acclaimed band that was founded in 1995.
Currently the band is Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts (both original members) and singer Luka Cruysberghs.

The song Release Me was revealed and released on February 17.
Here's the official video

Hooverphonic will enter the next Eurovision Song Contest with a new song.

Three remixes of Release Me were released on May 15 (digital)
- Shades of green dark matter mix
- Shades of green dark radio edit
- Shades of green Triphop mix

Remixes March 15
Release Me is written by Alex Callier and Luca Chiaravalli.
Alec Callier was one of the writers of the 2018 Belgian entry A Matter Of Time by Sennek which unfortunately didn't make it to the final.
Luca Chiaravalli already worked with Hooverphonic since 2010 .
We also know him as co-writer for Occidentali's Karma (Italy 2017)
He wrote and produced for many Italian stars including Eurovision alumni Il Volo, Emma Marone and Anna Oxa.

Release me - single version
- official 2CD
Release me - karaoke (= instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album (digital)
Release me - Shades of green dark matter mix
Release me - Shades of green dark radio edit
Release me - Shades of green Triphop mix
- digital releases

Belgium Flemish Charts: 28, 21, 31, 27, 45, 40, -

Who's yer 'phonic?
Hooverphonic started out in the Trip Hop era but later on their orchestral arrangements created a more film-score sound. They also dabbled in some psychedelica and retro-pop.
But really, they're hard to put a label on, which is good of course.
The scored 35 top 100 hits in Belgium and a few made it to other charts (5 in Italy!).
Mad About You (2000) is probably their most known song from the early era.
In 2015 they scored a #3 hit with Badaboum. Sadly not a cover of the Minouche Barelli classic but it features Émilie Satt of Madame Monsieur fame.

2018 CD Looking for Stars
They have release almost 20 albums, the latest being Looking For Stars with current singer Luka, which is their 14th top 10 album in the Belgian charts.
Looking For Stars is released on CD, LP and cassette. It includes the top 20 hits Romantic and Uptight and their latest single Horrible Person.
If you want a brief history of the first 20 years you can check out the 2018 compilation album Hooverphonic Top 40 (2CD) or 2016 collection The Best Of Hooverphonic (2CD/3LP)

Links and sources
Hooverphonic Website, FB

Slovenia - Voda - Ana Soklič

Ana looks the other way for the EP version May 14
Ana Soklič is the winner of the Slovenian preselection EMA with the song Voda (Water).
The song is written by Ana Soklič herself with Bojan Simončič.
Voda is recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra.
Here's the live performance video

Ana Soklič will be returning for the 2021 contest.

An early studio version was recorded and was first on the radio only but was made available on the digital EP (see below) on May 14.
A new version (again with the Budapest Art Orchestra) was recorded for Eurovision and can be heard here at Ana's Youtube. Seven versions of the song are released now.

Ana released a digtal 8-track EP on May 14 with 7 versions of Voda and one other song.
High quality audio's are available from Ana's website shop. (mp3 / SD / HD)
1. Voda (ESC 2020 Full version)
2. Voda (Apollo radio remix)
3. Voda (Žiga Murko remix)
4. Voda (Cinematic version) = instrumental orchestral version
5. Voda (EMA 2020 version)
6. Voda (Karaoke version ESC 2020)
7. Water (ESC 2020 English version)
8. Temni Svet (different song from Popevka 2019)
Track 4 is the orchestral arrangement from the ESC version without some of the beats/drums
March 20 release image
The song was released on iTunes and Apple music on March 20 and a few days later on Amazon and Spotify. Please see comments.

Voda (ESC 2020 Full version)
- on Official 2CD
Voda (Apollo radio remix)
Voda (Žiga Murko remix)
Voda (Cinematic version) = instrumental orchestral version
Voda (EMA 2020 version)
Voda (Karaoke version ESC 2020) (= instrumental)
- also on the official karaoke album (digital)
Water (ESC 2020 English version)
- all digital released on EP/album Voda

Picture from Ana's Facebook
Links and sources
RTVSLO EMA/Eurovision pages
Ana Soklič (Anna Soklich) Website FB

Friday, May 8, 2020

Lithuania - On Fire - The Roop

2nd single digital release image January 17
The Roop is the winner of Pabandom iš naujo! and they were on their way represent Lithuania with On Fire.
The official video is here.
On Fire is written by the trio themselves, they are Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Robertas Baranauskas and Mantas Banišauskas.
The song was released as a digital single on January 14 and January 17.
Two versions of the song were released which appear to be the same but a slightly longer one has a longer intro.
The latter release is accidental, as the intro bit does not belong to the song. But it was available to buy so we'll have it in the list here.
The longer one is no longer available.

On Fire is the second attempt to score the Eurovision ticket for The Roop. In 2018 they ended third in the Lithuanian selection with Yes I Do.

LP in November
The Roop have announced the release of a new album which will be released in November.
There will be a vinyl edition and it includes On Fire. In fact, the album is titled On Fire.
Here's the preordering thing at The Roop's shop which also has all kinds of stuff you want.

Pabandom iš naujo! 2020 was a 6 night selection to find the Lithuanian entry for Rotterdam.
LRT's Youtube channel has all NF performances (Playlist)

1st digital image January 14
On fire (2.50) released on January 14
- official 2CD
On fire (2.58) released on January 17
- accidental digital release
On fire - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital)
Thanks to Rick!

Links and sources
The Roop Website FB
LRT's Youtube channel has all NF performances (Playlist)

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Serbia - Hasta La Vista - Hurricane

New single version March 6
Trio Hurricane are the winners of Beovizija 2020 and would have represented Serbia with the song Hasta La Vista.
The song is written by Nemanja Antonić, Kosana Stojić and Sanja Vučić.
Hurricane will be returning to the 20121 contest

Hasta La Vista was released as a digital single on February 7 but withdrawn in some digital stores.
The original song can still be found on the digital Beovizija 2020 album, only on Spotify though. (Thanks Daniel!)

A second version was made and can be heard in the official video (also see comments).
A third version was released as a digital single on March 6. Thanks Frank!
Here's the official video with 2nd version.
The English version was revealed on May 5. Here's the video, also released through the usual digital stores and streamers.

1st Digital release image
Hurricane are Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić en Ksenija Knežević.
The girls got together in 2017 and have released some successful songs since then.
Their Favorito clocked over 45.000.000 youtube views.
The perform and record in Serbian and English.
We know Sanja Vučić from the 2016 contest when she finished 18th in the final with Goodbye (Shelter).
Ksenija Knežević also has a little Eurovision experience, she was a backing vocalist for her dad, Knez, who finished 13th for Montenegro in 2015.

Hasta La Vista - new single version version
, digital release
Hasta La Vista - new version (2nd version)
- videoclip
Hasta La Vista - original
- spotify only Beovizija digital album
Hasta La Vista - English version (original version mix)
- video
Hasta La Vista - English version (single version mix)
- digital release
Hasta La Vista - karaoke (single version mix)
- on the official karaoke album (digital)

Beovizija 2020
Serbia had 24 songs lined up for you to listen to.
The contest was held on three consecutive days.
The first semi  on February 28, the 2nd a day later. The final  on March 1.
Hurricane won with the maximum points from both juries and televote.
The album with all songs can be found on Spotify (only).

Semi final 1 songs / Semi final 2 songs
You can finds all song clips and the full shows here at RTS-Planeta

Links and sources
RTS Eurovision pages, FB
Hurricane  WebsiteFB